Desktop Alerts
Our desktop alerts can be colour coded to reflect the severity or importance of an incident in Red, Amber, Green or Blue. These alerts can be positioned intrusively in front of all windows to avoid being ignored. Alerts contain a link that can be clicked to obtain additional information.
Centralised Information
Simple Dashboards allow users to see detailed information about the status of a service, such as any current incidents or planned maintenance work that may affect them. The Dashboards can also be switched into ‘Presentation Mode’ for use on LCD or plasma display screens.
Always Mobile
Our Inxite app enables users to receive any alerts sent via notifications on Android and iPhone devices along with access to a mobile version of their personalised dashboard. Optional SMS Flash messages can be sent to boldly appear on the main screen.


Red Amber Green Blue

Desktop alerts can be positioned intrusively in the centre of the screen, or discreetly in the corner. The alerts are synchronised across multiple desktops ensuring information is never missed.
Inxite can send alerts in real-time to multiple devices using powerful Desktop Alerts, Flash SMS messages and Email

The Dashboard

Keeps people in the loop

The Dashboard is the central point of information where users can access a high level view of feeds and their current status. They are also able to gain an in-depth view of any incidents that are affecting them.
The personalised Dashboard allows the user to see the feed relevant to them. Only the applicable services and information are available, which removes any unnecessary noise.

Go mobile

Everyone's connected

Our Inxite mobile app ensures that everyone is connected through instant notifications sent via their Android and iPhone handsets. These notifications can also link them back to their dashboards where they can view current services and any incidents being experienced.

Make it your own

Brand Inxite with your stripes

Corporate branding can be applied system wide to include your own logo and company styling. This level of customisation can be used as an additional marketing and advertising tool in creating greater brand awareness.


Simple on the surface

Beautifully simple in its design yet created to work seamlessly within complex infrastructures, Inxite can be delivered as a hosted service or on-premise with cloud DR alternatives. Inxite has the ability to Integrate with any system via a public API and offers a perfect fit for any organisation size.

Get Inxite

Run with the big dogs

Inxite can be hosted in the Amazon EC2 cloud or on-premise within your environment


Secure Amazon EC2 Hosting

On Premise

Designed for your environment

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